Hello! I'm Prachi G!

I am a UX Designer with a passion for resolving user pain points by converting observations into actionable insights. I strive to be part of a design team where I could add a positive value with my almost 2 years of UX experience, my 13+ years of working with individuals with disabilities and 8+ years of leadership experience.


YPC Mission: To provide opportunities for individuals to enhance their personal and professional growth through experiences that connect, educate, and empower.​

Coming soon...

Work IT

A B2C mobile interface that matches users with their dream job

2 weeks, 11 screens & a MVP

Munch & Watch

App redesign for streamlining user-friendly movie ticket and snack buying app to make the checkout process faster and more efficient

8 weeks, 99 screens & an entire app overhaul


Easy to navigate app to bring grandparents closer to their grandkids while engaging in a fun activity while having a video chat

4 weeks, 50 responsive website screens for mobile, tablet and desktop

Woof Woof Animal Shelter

Clear and simple navigational flow that promotes doggy adoptions, increases donation to the shelter, and improves community involvement

6 weeks, 52 responsive website screens for desktop, tablet and mobile phone

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